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15th July 2024 
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Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy in London

Find your 'SELF'

Sometimes we lose our way - we lose our 'Self'

Loss of meaning and purpose and a desire to understand yourself better has never been more significant in a changing world. Psychosynthesis therapy can help explore both abstract and specific concerns in a therapeutic context.

Psychosynthesis is therapy of the whole person- mind body and Soul

Integrating all aspects of Self: Body, Mind and Soul, Psychosynthesis psychotherapy aims to bring meaning into our personal and professional lives. Whether you feel overwhelmed by lifes' obstacles or in need of support to resolve dilemmas, past or present, talking with a non judgemental counsellor or psychotherapist can help you understand and free yourself to live life in a joyful way.

Each life has its own unique meaning and purpose
Each individual their own voice

Managing fear, anxiety, sadness, relationships can be difficult alone. Exploring issues with a psychotherapist or counsellor is a safe, confidential way of supporting a healthy approach to dealing with challenges of everyday life.

From a comfortable psychotherapy room close to Soho and Marylebone, I have helped clients who have experienced difficulties with :

All types of Stress and Anxiety
Relationship difficulties
Low Self esteem
Depression and feelings of isolation
Food and body related issues
Loss and bereavement
Auto immune illnesses and their effects

Close to the bustle of Oxford Street and soho, you will be welcomed into a sacred psychotherapy space where you can be yourself and find support.

Therapy is a space for reflection
A Time to explore

I am a qualified experienced Psychosynthesis therapist working conveniently close to Marylebone, Soho and Oxford street. I work creatively and informally, believing each individual co-creates their session to explore dilemmas and rediscover their potential. As a psychosynthesis therapist, I use a variety of techniques specific to each person aiming to release the limitations and beliefs that block positive forward movement.

The limits we give ourselves will be part of us until the day we realise they are not

Gaining insight into what brought you to your current dilemmas leads to profound change and frees you to live a more fulfilled life.

The PineCone symbol represents my appreciation of Psychsynthesis therapy as a path to human enlightenment, the gateway to Self and the Soul and is one of the oldest symbols known to mankind

My psychotherapy and counselling practice is in central London within easy reach of Oxford Street tube station, Soho and Marylebone. Two other practice spaces available in W11 and NW4