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22nd June 2024 
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Psychosynthesis Therapy

What is Psychosynthesis?

'Our History is not our destiny' (Fonagy)

Psychosynthesis counselling and psychotherapy encourages an individual to discover potential and live freely.

Roberto Assagioli was an Italian psychologist and psychiatrist who alongside Freud and Jung began to develop his own way of working with individuals based on his deep interest in philosophy and knowledge of Eastern medicine. He believed that a spiritual Self existed within us as our guide to living authentically as our true selves.

Psychosynthesis differs from other psychotherapy or counselling practices in that it pays attention to the soul. It is a psychology of hope, looking not only at history, but also at a purposeful future giving individuals the capacity to reorient their lives in the direction of meaning and values.

Psychosynthesis psychotherapy can redress the balance between the current wave of awakening to spirit through practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness and the deep internal investigation of consciousness, where we access our potential for healing and change.